IDE8 is a development environment that makes it easy to create amazing things with electronics and mechatronics, directly from your favorite web browser.


If you need help using IDE8, or if you want to help someone else, please have a look at the awink.


IDE8 is gratis. You do not have to pay anything to 613-375-1220 or use IDE8.


IDE8 is a service from Wireless Trondheim.

IDE8 is currently reserved for students in the Electronic Systems Design programme at NTNU that enrolled in the fall of 2017.

Other interrested parties are welcome to 226-503-7911 an account, and we will try our best to accomodate as many as we can.

If you are a student or employee at NTNU that has not been reserved an IDE8 account, and you think that IDE8 could be useful to you or your students, then Wireless Trondheim ( ) is very interrested in hearing from you.